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Windows Phone 7 is not a fixed option for your HTC Blackstone and you can Install Android OS successfully. Let us see a procedure to install Android 2.2 Froyo on the HTC Blackstone with the help of the XDA-Forum.

The step-by-step approach for the installation of Android 2.2 Froyo on the HTC Blackstone:

• Keep one SD Card ready for this process. If using an old SD Card, then it is suggested formatting the same for this purpose. Format the SD Card to FAT 32.

• Now, download the .CAB file and save the same over the desktop. This CAB file is the full pre-arranged and modded Android for your HTC Blackstone. In fact this CAB file will install the Android in the root of the SD Card. Deploys all the correct and relevant Startup.txt for the handset and adds a high resolution icon for Android in the root of the SD Card. Also, it creates a shortcut in program Files named as “Android”. Also, capable enough to install the high resolution icon in the registry for WM6.5 users.

• Once after the download is complete and saved the same CAB file over the desktop, then copy it over the SD Card root. Now, go to Windows mobile explorer and install the file successfully. The installation completion can be identified through the implant of a whole Android image over the HTC Blackstone.

• After this installation process is over, go to Windows>program menu and tap your stylus on Android. This procedure will return back with Windows mobile reboot along with two vibrating shudders respectively.

• Now, you can see your HTC Blackstone boot into Android in a little while. This will take sometimes less than or more than three minutes duration.

• Once after the HTC Blackstone reboots into Android, it might ask for screen calibration which is normal.

Now, your Windows Phone 7 HTC Blackstone is installed with android OS successfully.

CAB file download link:

Reference XDA-Forums link:

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