Install Gingerbread Keyboard for Android 2.3

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread release brought many changes to the Android platform. On-screen keyboard is one among the many of these changes. Today, many of us aware of the XDA-Developer forums and these forums already released few useful language packs for the new keyboard.

Google’s latest Android version 2.3 aka Gingerbread is released along with a Gingerbread SDK. The new mobile OS got many things to offer for their users and Gingerbread keyboard is one of the astonishing facilities in it. This keyboard is famous for its easy punctuations features.

A portable version of Gingerbread keyboard would be a best option for a rooted Android device. Currently, this Gingerbread keyboard is available as a common application for every Android device. There are few separate applications are also available for Samsung Galaxy S, EVO 4G and Droid Incredible in red, green and Blue.

Keeping in mind the global users, XDA-Forums released language packs for this Gingerbread keyboard installation. Currently, these language packs are available in German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian and English. Enthusiasts should remember that there is no availability for the multi-language support and copy/paste will not work.


Make it sure that your Android device rooted and installed with Android 2.2 Froyo. At Now, you can start the installation of Gingerbread keyboard for your Android device as below:

• Download the keyboard ZIP file properly from-
• The downloaded file is a 984 Kb file. There are two folder in the unzipped file but you do not need to bother about it from user perspective.
• Although it is not necessary, renaming the file could come handy when you give the select with shorter file name. We recommend that you rename this entire downloaded file as “” and make it sure that it’s not does not end up as “”.
• Connect your Android device to your laptop or PC.
• The new file that was named as “” should be copied on to the SD card.
• Always make it sure that the Android device is booted into recovery mode.
• Now, select the “apply” in the Android device recovery mode option. Notice that we renamed the file and this is where it comes handy. You could well have renamed it as and the selection would have been apply
• Now, reboot the Android device and select “Android Keyboard”. This option can be easily seen under the Input Method.

The above-mentioned simple easy steps can enable the new Gingerbread keyboard for your Android device successfully.

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