Intel’s WiDi and Airplay on Apple TV

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Intel’s WiDi and Airplay on Apple TV

The Apple TV has on its hands one very simple but equally important problem that it is in the process of solving. Once this problem is tackled, it will allow Apple to grab a place in the smartphone market for itself. With an inbuilt airplay, the iPhones and the iPod can easily steam in the videos over the TV.
According to a substantial amount of information that is available, if you are using the iOS 4.2 on your iPad or iPhone, you can be able to connect to Apple TV wirelessly.

If you have two compatible devices, the Airplay technology will allow you to easily stream the data between them. Taking an example, if you are using Airplay compatible speaker systems, you can transfer continuous video to the Air play compatible speaker system.

Essentially, Apple TV is an Airplay compatible device. This simply means that Apple TV can accept any streaming video, or audio from any other Apple device. With the Apple TV, iTune content can be broadcasted efficiently. As much as this is possible, the aren’t the only content that can be broadcasted through the Apple TV. If you have any video or audio from any H.264 that has been encored, it can easily be broadcast via Airplay to HDTV.

It seems that any video media file that can be played on the iOS 4.2, including YouTube and Facebook videos can be enhanced to your Apple TV via Airplay. The iOS 4.2 is the Apple Operating System version 4.2.
Apple’s expectations are to have immense gains from selling bundles of Apple TVs, iTunes, IPads and iPhones. As it may have been expected, Apple lovers would not hesitate to show off their videos downloads or personal, on much bigger clearer screens rather than on small iPhones and iPads.

On the same note, but on another side, Intel is slowly making way for its own Wireless Display technology (WiDi). Together with the Intel chipsets, the core i3, core i5 and core i7 processors have the capability to support the Intel WiDi technology. With some of the notebooks that are currently appearing in the market which have the capability of displaying the notebook content through the HDTV. According to a number of reviews, there has been found to occur delay between the notebook screen display and the TV display. For this delay, it is rendered useless and inappropriate for real time applications like playing games.

On the other hand, there have been numerous promises of good and exiting movie watching experiences from Intel’s wireless display. This will require customers to get themselves a push 2 TV adaptor that can be plugged into their HDTV. This will enable them to receive wireless signals from the WiDi enabled notebooks.

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  1. Joe Jacques says

    September 30, 2010

    Did anyone try the airplay ? Any personal experience with the Apple TV. I am a bit confused. Does the Apple TV means the set top box ( as in the picture) or the a complete TV – like 32 inch LCD TV ?