Intel Core i5-450m processor review

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The nominal core frequency of operation of the intel core i5-450M processor is 2.4 GHz. The core i5-450M has two cores and it does support turbo boost – its turbo frequency being 2.66 GHz. The turbo boost increases the clock frequency of the processor for small period of time (like 2 seconds) to cater for increase in the demand of the processing power.

The core i5-450M has several architectural advantages which makes them better than the earlier core 2 processors from intel. One of them is the integrated DDR3 memory controller. The integrated memory controller, reduces the memory latency by communicating directly to the chipset, instead of, as in earlier core 2 processors, communicating through a north bridge chipset. The core i5-450M has a fast differential bus, called Direct Media Interface (DMI) bus to communicate with its chipset. AMD was ahead of Intel in the use of the high speed differential bus using its HyperTransport bus. Intel is just following AMD’s path.
The core i5-450M has large 3M L3 cache, which intel calls Smart Cache. Intel reintroduced hyperthreading in the core i5 processors, which means that there could be 4 threads running at a time.

The thermal power design (TDP) rating of 35 Watts for core i5-450M, leads to low power and high battery life notebook designs.

Based upon the Arandale architecture, the processor is manufactured using 32 nm technology. The integrated graphics controller in the intel core i5-450M is built with the 45 nm technology. The performance of the integrated memory controller of the core i5-450M is decent but not excellent. If you are looking for a great integrated graphics performance, you may like to wait till the launch of the Sandy Bridge processors, which promise to bring 2x improvement in the performance of the graphics.

Core i5-450M Vs core i5-520M

Both the core i5-450M and core i5-520M have nominal clock frequency of 2.4 GHz. However, core i5-520M has higher turbo frequency at 2.933 MHz. Additionally core i5-450M processors do not have the AES function support, while the core i5-520M has the support for AES functions.

The core i5-450M does not support the virtualization technology for directed IO (called VT-d). In words of intel – “The
Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) extends Virtualization Technology (VT) by providing hardware assists for virtualization solution. Intel VT-d can improve performance of I/O devices in virtualized environment

Some Intel core i5-450M benchmark results are available, which show that the super pi 1M take 16.7 seconds and the super pi 2M 38.4 seconds. The scores are pretty close to the intel core i5-520M processor benchmark. The benchmark results of the intel core i5-450M processors better than the earlier Core 2 Duo T9500 even though the clock frequency of the T9500 is higher. You may be tempted to compare the benchmarking results of the core i5-450M with AMD phenom ii processors. The triple core and quadruple core phenom ii processors provide similar performance, especially in muti processing environment at comparable or lower price than the intel core i5 processors.

Some of the notebooks available with core i5-450M include HP dv7t, HP touchsmart 600T, Toshiba Satellite A665-S6055,Dell Vostro 3500, ASUS Asus K42JC-B1. Practically all major notebook manufacturer have used the core i5-450M in one or the other notebook.

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