Intel Core i7-990X 6 core to launch Q4 2010

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The Intel Core i7-990X will be a six core processor based upon 32 nm technology. The clock speed of the core i7-990X will be 3.467 GHz, making it faster than the current top of the line Intel Core i7-980X processor which is clocked at 3.33 GHz.

The L2 Cache for the core i7-990X will consist of 6 caches of 256 KB for each of the 6 cores. There will be a whopping 12MB of L3 cache.

The core i3-990X will have triple channel DDR3 integrated memory controller. To enable the triple channels, the processor comes in a package with larger number of the sockets.  It used 1366 pins LGA 1366 socket.  The maximum TDP for the intel core i7-990X is 130 Watts.

The i7-990X is expected to be priced at $999. Based on Gulftown 6 core, the core i7-990X is not significantly different than the  core i7-980X except for the speed bump from 3.33 GHz to 3.467 GHz.  There has already been reports of the Core i7-980X being overclocked past 4 GHz barrier with some exciting benchmarking results. The Cor i7-990X will there for not have something significantly new.

You should also notice that turbo feature of the processor will increase its on demand frequency. The Turbo frequency of the core i7-980X was, for exmple 3.60 GHz. The turbo frequency of the Core i7-990X is expected to be in proportional increment.

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