iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak With 4.2b3 Hashes On iPod Touch 4G

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Some good news for the iPod 4G holders with iOS 4.2.1 who wish to know about untethered jailbreak for their iPod. A preliminary plan for the unthethered jailbreaking of iPod with iOS 4.2.1 has been released. According to MuscleNerd ( the nickname for the one of the developers team), the untethererd jailbreak is a back up plan. This backup plan uses 4.2 Beta 3 hashes on Cydia.

Here is what he says on his twitter

Got “backup plan” for untethered 4.2.1 JB working (video coming up). Uses mysterious 4.2b3 hashes Cydia kept for you

This video entitled “Untethered 4.2.1 JB on ipt4g ” is so popular that it received over 336,00 views since Dec 7 2010, till Dec 18, 2010 ( at the time of writing).

This plan is a back up plan and it is expected that comex may come up with alternate solution. So you may like to wait that some more formal release comes up which is expected to have undergone some more testing to ensure it is bug free.

Untethered Vs Tethered Jailbreaking?

By the term untethered jailbreaking we mean that you can reboot the device without the need to connect to a computer or any external device for that matter. In tethered jailbreaking, whenever your device needs a reboot, for example when the battery power drains or the device hands, you will need to apply the jailbreaking process again.

There are different procedures for the different devices and for the different versions of the iPS operating systems on the iPhone or the iPod. There are some popular procedures for performing untethered jailbreaking for popular models and on devices with the older iOS versions and baseband. Utilities like blackra1n or limera1n or redsn0w are some of the common procedures to perform untethered jailbreaking from MAC OD X or Windows. You may like to explore greenpois0n or redsn0w to perform untethered jailbreaking if you have Linux operating system.

What is Jailbreaking iPod Mean ?

When you jailbreak the iPod you do away with the restrictions imposed by Apple. You you can start even more downloads on the top of the downloads offered by Apple iTunes on your iPod.

There were some restrictions, that led to the jailbreaking process to be tethered process for for iPod versions earlier than 3G models. As discussed earlier, the tethered jailbreaking process means that the iPod device will loose the jailbreak once it needs reboot. A tethered jailbroken iPod will require the commands to be repeated once the device reboots again. This is done by connecting the device again with a laptop or computer and by executing a set of commands after accessing the root of the iOS. The restoring the device often pose challenges so, it should be performed carefully.

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