iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date Set for April 8; What to Expect?

Posted by Stefan on April 6th, 2010 in Software, Tablets | 1 Comment

The iPhone OS 4.0 (update) arrival is around the corner and Apple has announced the release of 4.0 this coming Thursday. With three days still remaining for the official announcement, it is interesting to assess what the update for the iPhone and the iPod will eventually offer. The update could make the iPhone users jump onto the multi-tasking bandwagon and it could either be multitasking for simple apps or faux multitasking.

The iPhone OS 4.0 will not out-rightly change the User Interface but, the users should expect some changes that have been very recently spotted on the iPad. One feature that the update will help borrow the iPhone from the iPad is the ‘file syncing’.

The iPad adaptation is what the update should bring in urgently as there are certain applications which are shared between the two platforms in a very vague manner. The notification procedure of the current iPhone OS falls short of the required quality and we are hoping that update 4.0 will make the home-screen more active.

The experts are also hoping that the update will definitely not ignore iPad Tethering as numerous iPad owners have already subscribed for the unlimited AT&T data plans. [via: Gizmodo]

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