Is Dell XPS 15z Expensive for $999

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The Dell’s XPS 15z is on sale in US for $999 and its base model is powered by the Intel’s second generation core i5 processor – The core i5-2410M.

The core i5-2410M is a dual core 2.3 GHz processor that promises significant improvement in the graphics performance. Even though it is clocked slightly low at 2.3 GHz, its performance will be slightly higher than the similarly clocked 1st generation Intel core i3 processor ( Core i3-350M ), for example. It also surpasses or at least equals the performance when compared to the 2.53 GHz core i3-380M, 1st generation processor.

Dell XPS 15z is slim in size and light in weight. Though it is not as thin as the Apple, its weight is almost the same as a MAC book. But again you save $700 or so when you compare to the similar performance MAC book. Time to ditch your attachment to Apple ?

The keyboards have stylish curvature.

According to engadget

“When Dell tells you that the machine has no compromises, that’s not quite the case — it’s a solid choice at this price point, but corners were cut to get here.”

Here are some questions and Answers about the Dell XPS 15z

Q. How much exactly does Dell XPS 15z weigh ?

A. This laptop weigh just a little over 5.5 lb making it one of the lightest notebook that packs extreme performance.

Q. Can we get extra resolution display with Dell XPS 15z ?

A. Yes if you pay $100 extra you will be able to get full resolution 1920 x 1080 high definition resolution screen, that will give a bright 300 nit brightness.

Q. What is Windows 7 Experience Index ?

A. The Windows 7 Experience Index for Dell XPS 15z is 7.1

Q. What is the graphics card in this notebook.
A. The base model comes with NVIDIA GeForce GT525M. This graphics card can switch with the integrated processor gpu. The advantage of the integrated GPU is that, when the graphics requirement is low, the processor resorts to its internal GPU, saving power consumption.

Q. Does this notebook come with newer high speed USB 3.0 ?
A. Yes, this notebook come with 2 USB 3.0, the newer and faster USB that will transfer data at 5 GB/sec.

Q. Does it come with HDMI output ?
A. Yes, it has one HDMI output that you can use to hook with an external LCD HDTV.

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    Hello, thanks for answering questions regarding the xps 15z – I’m curious to know, the extensive details on the Windows Experience Index –

    Could you let me know what the complete rating is within Windows?


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