iSkySoft SyncPod – itunes Alternative for Windows

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iSkySoft SyncPod – itunes Alternative for Windows

For many reasons you may fear not to download the iTunes – Apple Application that syncs your iPhone with your computer. The iTunes for example is very pushy and wants to update or armtrist you to do anything to buy products.

Good news is iSkySoft SyncPod an alternative to the iTunes that you can use to transfer the mp3 music, files and photos to and fro between your iPhone and computer. iSkySoft SyncPod has many great features including ability to browse the file system in the iPhone. This abilty is generally not found in other places.

The iSkySoft SyncPod also comes with powerful features of ability to convert the videos in the Apple format to Windows Format.

YOu should have iTunes 10 installed before you can start using this device. The iSkypod Syncpod is can backup your movies, photos and other things in your Windows PC or the MAC.

There are different programs to download for the Windows and MAC, that you can download from its site.

Unfortunately this does not come free. You will have to pay to be able to use this software. A limited number of giveaway are available for limited number of times – will go away by the time you read.

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