JVC EVERIO GZ-HM1 HD Camcorder Revealed

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With more and more improved electronics being introduced, JVC isn’t behind either in its camcorders in line with JVC HD series, Everio. With the improved stabilizing the image and sensitivity at low light while recording video with 1080p and still image of 5.7 MegaPixels, surpassing all its predecessor of JVC HD camcorders series, it is definitely to be called the top of its kind.

It is the JVC Enverio GZ-HM1 HD camcorder to be out in March. It has improved the performances for problems that most of the camcorders featuring HD encountered. Those are the shaky recording for video and unable to meet the performance during low light. GZ-HM1 has overcome the issue by choosing the CMOS backlit sensor that could greatly reduce the noises when the light is not ideal for a crispy sharp and clear recording. In a technical term, it could go up to 6400 ISO.

Furthermore, to deal with the shaky still imaging, the GZ-HM1, JVC chose to use two prisms for stabilization with horizontal prism and a vertical prism that could greatly reduce the shaking from using the camcorder. With such amazing performances that are above many of the video camcorder of its kind in the market, JVC Enverio GZ-HM1 could consider to be among one of the best and nonetheless with the price tag of $1,200.

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