KODAK C122 Digital Camera Review

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KODAK C122 is yet another digital camera from Kodak, designed for budget shoppers and is available at right time for the 2010 Holiday Season. It is available at several stores including Walmart, Amazon and other places.

KODAK C122 is an 8 Megapixel camera that should give out decent quality photos, for emails and small to medium size prints. Do not join the megapixel race – 95% of the users do not need the high megapixel camera. And if you do think higher megapixel makes a difference – take two pictures from two camera of same series – one say, at 14 megapixel, and other at say 5 megapixel. Take two prints of 4″x6″ – not ask your friends which one has better quality. Chances are – they will not find the difference. Now increase the print size – to a very large size – may be 8 ” x 10″ – now ask the question again – chances are a bitter better that they will spot the difference.

The Kodak Easyshare C122 does not come with any optical zoom – and this can be a big turn off – if you want to capture a women’s close up body part :).

But you can use the 5x digital zooom if you wish too, which will have same effect as taking the picture at no digital zoom and capturing a part of the picture.

The LCD in a KODAK C122 is a 2.4 inch size which you can use to preview the photos and view the captured photos. The KODAK C122 also captures the video in VGA resolution. The Video cameras work best when they have zoom during the time of capture. Kodak C122 does not has zoom and therefore it is only suitable for fun video.

The KODAK C122 also has face detection, which helps focusing at right place.

KODAK C122 is available at bargain price on the Cyber Monday Sales on Walmart. You may like to grab one, if you are in need of a digital camera. Do not expect a professional quality picture though.

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