Kodak Easyshare C195 – Entry level Camera

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Recently Kodak has brought forth its fresh model Kodak Easy Share C195 compact digital camera. There are several noteworthy features in this small and compact camera. The specifications and salient features of Kodak Easy Share C195 are described below;
Specifications and Important Features:
Kodak Easy share C195 compact camera is fitted out with a 5X optical zoom which supports 35mm format. Additionally the camera is provided also with a 5X optical zoom features which has a focal length of 35 to 165mm. If you require using it for wide angle photography, it will not meet your requirement
The camera has a 1/2.3 inch sensor. This sensor is similar to those usually provided on any point to shoot or compact type cameras.

This compact camera is furnished with 14 megapixel power, but its sensor is powered 14.5 megapixels
The advantage with this camera is that it is capable of image stabilization. Even if you shake the camera while taking a picture, the picture will not smudge. Thus new comers and novices will find it more useful.
Kodak Easy share C195 has sensitivity of 64 to 400 for auto setting according to the ISO rating. In manual mode you can use it up to 1000 setting.
It has a wide LCD screen for 3” which gives a vide view of the object. You can record the videos on it in VGA format at 30fps and in 640×480 sizes. However the camera is provided only digital zoom for video recordings. There is no optical zoom for videos and there is no provision for any image stabilization for the video mode. It is just contrary to feature available for still photography.
The shutter speed of ¼ t0 1/4000 second is very suitable to take pictures of still or moving objects like a flying bird. Most vital features are the lens and the, which make it very useful.
The basic memory of the camera is 32MB that can be extended with an SD/ SDHC card to be inserted in enhancement slot.
Kodak Easy share C195 has very high powered 14.5 megapixels sensor that helps to get the large prints with this camera in 4.3 formats. It’s optical zoom suits 35 mm film formats while the rear display is 3 inches in size and has resolution of 230 k pixels
Kodak view and smart video shootings form its important features. Besides there are many preinstalled settings with Kodak Easy Share C195 camera. These settings comprise different values for landscape, portrait, baby mode, beach, snow fireworks and many other modes like panorama or self-portrait.
Kodak Easy share C195 is a small compact camera with many advanced features discussed above and is useful for taking variety of pictures and for video shooting to meet different needs.
It is an inexpensive camera costing only $99 and most suitable for students and new comers. It is very small in size and is light weight to be pocket friendly.

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