Kodak MD30 Camera Review

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Kodak MD30 Camera Review

The Kodak MD30 is another Easyshare series camera that is available for a good price. The MD30 gives out decent quality image and its price is very affordable. Here are some details about the Kodak MAD30 camera.

Kodak MD30 is a 12.2 megapixel camera which should be more than enough even for large sizes prints. If you do take the picture at the highest resolution, you will have to reduce the size to be able to send it as attachment in emails.
– The Kodak MD30 has 3x optical zoom, which in in line with what many cameras in this range offer.
– The Kodak MD30 also offers 5x digital zoom which not too bad to have. You do not have to edit the image when you want a closer detail of the picture.
– You can connect Kodak MD30 with USB from you computer to download the images to your computer or laptop. The speed of the download is fast with USB 2.0
– The Kodak MD30 has Internal memory which is too small. You will have to get an external Secure Digital, SDHC card to be able to store the pictures.
– The Kodak MD30 has 2.7 inch LCD display which gives you acceptable quality to preview the pictures.
-Kodak MD30 comes under the category of Compact camera that offers Picture Stabilization.
– Other features in Kodak MD30 include Self Timer and PicBridge support. The PicBridge allows you to print the pictures directly to a printer without the need to first download it to a computer.

The Kodak MD30 is available at Staples at discount price of $69 on the black Friday Sales on November 26, 2010 sales. Here is a scan of the advertisement from Sataples.

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  1. Jules says

    November 25, 2010

    I read the “review” by Stefan. I have review in quotes, because it seems to be a description, not a review. How delayed was the shutter??? How long did the battery last? What size expansion memory is recommended? How does the camera feel in the hands? How quickly was the camera ready for the next shot?

    I am going to buy this camera, and I will post a real review in awhile, once I have given this camera a workout.