Lenovo Ideapad U1 Hybrid Smartbook Arriving on Time in June?

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The Lenovo U1 Smart-Book online home was updated yesterday giving hope that the IdeaPad variant unveiled at CES 2010 and announced for June 2010 will arrive on time. The update did not give any details of the exact release date but, it assured Lenovo will take pain to inform the interested parties who will have to leave their name and email on the website.

Experts see this move from Lenovo as an attempt to please the hopefuls who were disappointed by the news of the SkyLight notebook. It is widely believed that Lenovo had to append the launch of the SkyLight because of the iPad fame.

For those of you unaware about the Ideapad U1 Hybrid Smart-Book, the gadget is blessed with full version Windows 7 and its display can be individually removed to function as a pure tablet.

Once the screen is detached, the U1 tablet then switches on to an individual Lenovo Skylight OS. Other features for this two-in-one hardware unit include an 11.6 inch HD LED multitouch display, built-in 3G, integrated video camera, stereo speakers and a microphone with echo cancellation.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor also finds a place here and it is used to individually power the tablet. The estimated price of this product is $999.

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