LG 32LD400 HDTV Review

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The LG 32LD400 is a 32 inch diagonal size LCD HDTV from the Korean giant that has a resolution of full HD or 1080p. A full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 is a relatively smaller size of 32 inch TV implies that the TV gives out outstanding quality of the video.

The LG 32LD400 has a regular price of $449. However, it is offered at a discount price of $397 at Best buy. Best Buy has advertised that they will have minimum 5 units per store on the Black Friday, the day on which the TV is offered for Sale.

LG 32LD400 is especially suitable if you are living in an apartment or a relatively smaller size room where the TV needs to be placed. The LG 32LD400 has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, that will give you blur free image quality.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, the LG 32LD400 has 2 HDMI and a PC connectivity. This is mostly good enough for most of your purposes. The PC connectivity is especially desirable, since most of the older notebooks have only the VGA connector and there is no HDMI connector.

The LG 32LD400 also has a USB connector. You can use it to browse through the pictures stored in your USB card. There is no Ethernet or the wireless internet connectivity with the LG 32LD400 as seen in the brochure from the best buy.

The LG 32LD400 has good contrast ratio and Brightness level, giving your crisp and bright picture. At $379 it is worth buying.

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