LG 47LD520 47 inch LCD TV review

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Nowadays we can see the craze for LCD TV as they offer the crystal clear picture which can easily capture viewer’s attention and in addition to that we can have a very stylish look. LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV is one of the favorite model available in the market because of its features like it can adjust the brightness of the screen automatically by room light sensor according to the light level available in the room which preserve the vibrant picture quality and detailing. Along with that it has a matte finish that works fine in the rooms that have bright lights.

LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV is very light weight about 51.5 lbs which makes it portable. It has a glamorous gloss black finish with back lit LCD display, 47’’ wide screen display with 1080p resolution that enables high definition picture quality and 2 inbuilt stereo speakers each of 10 watts that gives an amazing sound quality. LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV also reduces the monthly expenditure by providing us with the facility of not purchasing the set top box as it has QAM cable TV tuner which receives programs in an unscrambled manner. LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV also reduces the blur as it has True motion 120 Hz refresh rate that provide smooth transition of pictures in motion and that is the reason it leaves no trails behind so we can have the best effects. This feature will satisfy the customers who love sports and action movies as they will get the real taste and thrill of it. LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV reduces the power bill as it has energy saving features associated with it. It is quite popular among young generation because it has USB port which gives us the facility for playing music through pen drive or thumb drive, video sources like Blue ray disc. In addition to that LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV has 2 HDMI Cables, 1 Audio Cable. The LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV has a detachable swivel stand which can be detached when it is mounted on the wall. The best part is that it provides 1 year warranty which makes the customer quite satisfied and tension free.

However LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV has a drawback related to the uniformity of the picture as it has a blue tinge in dark areas. LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV also doesn’t provide the access to the internet sites like Skype, NetFlix, Vudu , Youtube etc. Although LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV is available at a quite affordable price of just $798.
So in order to enjoy all this facilities one must go with the LCD TV instead of Plasma TV as it can be fitted anywhere in the room and comes with an anti glare screen that reduces reflection to a significant level. So purchasing LG 47LD520 47″ LCD TV or gifting it to near and dear ones would always be appreciated as it provides the best features at a competitive rate.

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