LG GW990 Moorestown smartphone coming 2H2010

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As CES 2010 is still continuing, many of the pre-reviewed incredible technology have been revealed. One of such is the Moorestown Smartphone GW990 from LG. It is a revolutionized powerful 4.8 inch touch screen smartphone that has confirmed to run under the open source Linux operating system known as the Moblin 2.1 from Intel. Indeed, the demonstration on CES 2010 Keynote has been the first demonstration for GW990.

As revealed, GW990 will be the next generation smartphone for internet mobile that is allowing a rich internet browsing capabilities similar as a personal computer. It indeed comes with a nice resolution pixels at 1024 x 480, which allowing the user to view the whole content from the web without the need of scrolling. The neat part of GW990 is that it allows user to be able to work on multiple tasks such as working through the music playlists and browsing the internet simultaneously like one will be using a personal computer.

It indeed is providing a high performance of a smartphone that is capable of measure up with its rumor and expectations.  It is to be expected that this revolutionized amazing smartphone, LG GW990, to be revealed soon and no later than the second half of 2010.

(via engadget)

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