Logic Wireless Logic Bolt Mobile Phone

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Enormous changes are available in the mobile phones by means of technology. The handsets are also designed with overwhelming features and new designs. Some of the advanced features existing are touchscreen, WiFi, 3G, GPS and HSDPA. Logic Wireless Logic Bolt Mobile Phone is said to be the first projector handset introduced in the mobile market. This handset has dual usage; it can be used as a mobile phone and also as a projector. The display size of this mobile phone is 2.4” touchscreen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.The projector works with the help of the Bluetooth in this GSM device and it operates on quad band network. Also the users can enjoy taking quality pictures with the help of 3MP camera. Talking about the display it is available in different sizes with a range from 36 inches to 64 inches which depends upon the lighting conditions. The total resolution of the display is said to be 640 x 480 pixels. Storage capacity is one of the main factors that one has to look on before going in for a mobile phone and based on that, it comes with an onboard storage of .

This can be expanded up to 20GB, which is easily supported to all devices. Analysing this mobile phone based on the features that are available, this is best suitable for the business users. With the help of projector option and good storage capacity, the business people can store all data for power point presentation and videos too. This mobile phone can be easily connected to other devices with the help of Bluetooth technology.Read expert reviews on Blackberry, Doro, Garmin, Emporia, MWg mobile phones and compare mobile phone offers at Missphones, mobile phone comparison site.

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