Logitech Harmony 688 Remote Control Review

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The Logitech Harmony 688 Remote Control is a complete1 remote control that controls the entire home theater system with a single button.

The Logitech Harmony 688 Remote Control attempts to solve a common problem – to reduce the number of the remote controls you need to handle for different electronic devices and gadgets you have.

The Harmony 688 is ideas for your requirement of one remote control handling all functions. One of the great features this universal remote control has is the iInternet-based setup via USB.

Here are some quick Pros and Cons of the Logitech Harmony 688 Remote Control

Pros of Harmony 688 Remote Control
– It is a stylish remote control.
– Universal – you can control almost all types of devices you can think of.
– Programmable

Cons of Harmony 688 Remote Control
– The button designs are not great.

The Harmony 688 had earlier 659, 680 versions, but the seems to have best button layouts. From the functionality point of view they have similar functionality.

What customers say about Harmony 688 –

According to one customer –
For $99 you expect much better remote control. If you watch movies in the dark with no light, you have to use the glow button on the remote control and if you do that you will have to replace the batteries  every month.  Logitech has over simplified the remote. It is not possible to  program individual buttons you have to use their program that only allows you to program devices and not the remote directly. If you have to go into the device menu a lot you will not be able to control the volume unless you switch to the device that controls volume. Why not have an option to program each button period… But the remote is useless now because of the low battery life. Do not buy this unless you want to buy batteries every month. Ridiculous. “

Did you own the Logitech Harmony 688 – post your experience.

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  1. Devon Greenberg says

    October 25, 2010

    I used to have this remote and also struggled with the battery and now I have purchased the Logitech Harmony One – what a difference!