Long Term Evolution – LTE

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Notes on Long Term Evolution LTE

You wated to know and enhance your understanding about the LTE – Long Term Evolution. Here are some facts about LTE that will enhance a little bit of your undestanding about LTE or Long Term Evolution.

– The term “Long Term Evolution” has been used in the wireless data / telephony sphere to the latest standard in the mobile wireless networking.

– The LTE first started with the 3G or the third generation of the mobile communication network. Note that many people use LTE to refer to the new 4G networks. We still do not have 4G networks complying to the standards – so we have pre-4G networds which is inches towards the 4G standard.

– When we want to talk about 4G it is know as LTE Advanced.

– The LTE Advanced or 4G, further increases the download and upload speed of the communication.

– LTE Advanced is backward compatible with LTE.

– LTE is not backward compatible with 3G systems

– The LTE technology uses IP for netwroking as well as telephony.

– LTE promises download speed of 100 Mbps and uplink of 50 Mbps.

– LTE uses Frequency Division Multiplexing as well as Time Division Multiplexing.

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