Magellan maestro 3100 GPS Review

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If you are planning to get a navigational system to help get oriented in any city you are not familiar with there is one you should really consider as an option. The article we are going to talk about today is the Magellan maestro 3100. The manufacturing company is Magellan, which is worldwide known for the production of hand-held and global positioning systems. Although this fantastic gadget was released a couple of years ago, it has become more and more popular among users due to its easy use and the fact that has an advanced technology and the low cost it has. Let’s see some of the most striking features of this gadget.

The first thing we need to mention is that it has a display screen of 3.5 inches. That is a good size if we consider that we need to attach it to the car and have a look from time to time to see if we are going in the right direction, however it does has voice routing. Another important characteristic of this gadget is that it makes the search for addresses a lot quicker and simpler because it has a QuickSpell option, that means that when you start typing an address, the gadget will immediately show some options from which you can choose. The gadget will also give different options as regards points of interest because it has an ample database to help you get the address for the most important landmarks in 48 adjacent states around the USA, and the good news is that you can download the maps for other countries and cities around the world. People who used the device have concluded that in terms of performance, the Magellan maestro 3100 navigational system is quite good. However, they mentioned that it sometimes became laggard when it often had to recalculate routes. The fact that the gadget has a touch screen makes it easy to use because you will be able to make it work without pressing any buttons. In terms of design, our beta testers stated that it has an ideal size and weight. Nevertheless, they claimed to have had difficulty trying to read the maps because of the light-coloured skins it has. Another downside the experts found is the fact that the gadget does not have a text-to-speech option and that the Bluetooth does not work really well. All in all, they concluded that the 3100 navigational system it is a cost-efficient gadget that will help you get to where you need.

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