Magellan Maestro 4040 review

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Magellan has recently launched a new series of global positioning systems that will make the life of travellers a lot easier. The basic idea of a navigational system is that you enter an address in a gadget, and the gadget shows the best route to get to that place. Let’s have a look at the different characteristics of one these newly released gadgets: the Magellan Maestro 4040. The main thing that makes this gadget appealing to users is that it is slick and simple. The touch screen of the gadget is of 4.3 inches and the icons in the main menu icons are big enough to see. This device has an AAA TourBook and it provides help about roadside aid when travelling, we have to say that these added features make it completely different to its predecessors. Another feature that makes interesting for the global positioning systems’ beginner users is the fact that it has voice command, text-to-speech and the fantastic option of enabling the traffic in the area. In the real field testing it has been found that the Magellan maestro 4040 performed really well when different addresses were typed in. This good performance is down to the fact that it has been built with a multi-destination routing option.

When compared to previous Magellan navigational systems, then 4040 proves to be a lot better because it has two important added features: Smart detour, which helps you recalculate routes faster, and an Auto Re-route option, which will make things easier for you if you want to take a shortcut. Most users who have had the chance to use the 4040 claimed that they found the device user-friendly and they also commented on the fact that you can customise it with music, games and different skins. One of the features that differentiates the 4040 from other Magellan hand held gadgets is the fact that you can actually use the Bluetooth and make hands free calls, which is a necessary feature for any navigational system. Our experts reported a few downsides to this gadget. The first thing they mentioned is that the 4040 has maps with very light-coloured skins that makes it hard to read for the user. However, this issue can be easily solved because you can actually customise the skins. Another thing they mentioned is that the Maestro 4040 was quite laggard when it had to re-route and that the map disappears when the gadget has to recalculate a route. The conclusions of experts’ tests stated that, although it has a few downsides that can be solved, the gadget is a good option because of the low price.

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