Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two Arrive: Gear up for the Windows Phone Experience

Posted by Stefan on April 13th, 2010 in Cell Phones | No Comments

Both Microsoft Project Pink members i.e. the Turtle and the Pure have finally been announced after a lot of tormenting and teasing. Microsoft has unveiled the phones as Kin One and Kin Two and just so the dubbing doesn’t confuse the people who were following the more ‘earthly’ nomenclature, Kin One is Turtle and Kin Two is Microsoft Pure. MS did not go with the rumored names but the good thing is that these phones have finally turned real. Both phones are rightfully being branded as Windows phones and most of the underpinnings are from the Windows Phone 7 territory, but the user interface is custom-based in this case and is utterly different.

Kin One is a slider with a QVGA display, 4Gigs of internal storage, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, and a full QWERTY keyboard. Kin Two is the better of the two with a HVGA display and a more traditional landscape QWERTY slide form factor. The lens on the rear is an 8MP option and the internal storage space in this case is cranked up to 8Gigs. The 3G radio, Bluetooth and WiFi also make it as common features on both devices.

The intent is to target social networking and media buffs therefore, both these phones get a custom browser something on the lines of the Zune variant but, surprisingly, there is no support at all for third party apps. [Courtesy: Engadget]

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