Microsoft releases the new Windows 7

Posted by Stefan on October 16th, 2009 in Announcements | No Comments


The Windows 7 will find its way to the markets next week. The first retail store in Arizona will open on October 22 prior to the release of Windows 7 or probably a few days afterwards. This will probably be the only store to launch near the OS as the Mission Viejo located in California. All the programmers of Microsoft are very cautious when it comes to their retail expansion. They actually want to open many more retail stores but they are very patiently waiting for reactions from all the customers. Microsoft has applied new concepts for their retail stores. This time the retail stores will be equipped with Answer bars with demo units, a 94 inch screen on which shoppers can try out the Xbox 360 games.

This time hopefully the Windows 7 will make a wonderful debut and also compensate for the damages caused by Vista and Windows Mobile.


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