Microsoft Zune HD Software Update 4.5 Goes Public

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It is the time of the year where updates for top-notch gadget software are being floated and the gadget freaks should ensure that they do not miss out an ounce. We just finished talking about the iPhone OS 4.0 update and here comes the news that the update 4.5 for the Microsoft PMP, Zune HD is now available. Microsoft first announced a new flagship 64GB Zune HD a few days back and it is now ready with the update 4.5 for the Zune HD player.

The update is slated to enliven the Zune HD user quality with a number of impressive changes. First up is the broader and more advanced Smart DJ followed by Picks. Picks is a feature that will show you some of the most relevant picks of your music liking when you enter the marketplace.

Another attraction, courtesy of update 4.5 is that you can connect your PMP to your TV through a dock and can then surf the marketplace more easily on a bigger screen. The update will also expand video codec options and the best part is that there’s no trans-coding necessary. [via: Slashgear]

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