Mitsubishi RVR compact crossover

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Mitsubishi RVR compact crossover

Mitsubishi RVR compact crossover Back

True to its word, Mitsubishi has debuted a new model which will be for the crossover lineup. The RVR is a compact crossover which will go on sale February 2010 and is certainly turning some heads.

Sitting just under the Outlander at 4.3-meters long, the crossover is built off the Compact-cX but lacks some features of the platform.

On the outside you might notice that many of the design cues look like an Evolution X and Q5 combined.

As for price, it is still not said but this baby is supposed to go on sale in Asia, North America and Europe and will make an official debut at the NAIAS, Switzerland or Geneva auto show.

Only question remains is if this will be enough to keep the company going which is bleeding and desperately looking for ways in which to gain revenue. Any takers here? As we said before, it lands February.

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