Mobile Navigator for Android and Windows Mobile launched

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Navigon has recently announced the launch of navigation feature in Android. Android and Windows Mobile would soon be available along with a Mobile Navigator. It will be featured with Reality View Plus view along with Lane Assistant Pro features on both Android and Windows Mobile.

The Navigator may not be able to provide live updates of traffic and control music playback as of now, but it is embedded with a long list of other features. It includes text to speech conversion as a result of which you will be able to hear the street names along with actual directions. It has a speed assistant along with adjustable warnings, map view in 2 and 3 dimensions, day and night mode for displaying the map, direct access to phone book contacts, route planning and real signpost display. It also enables automatic switch between the portrait and landscape view.

GPS simulation will also be embedded in Mobile Navigator for Windows Mobile to receive GPS signals in dark and inaccessible areas such as tunnels. The application would be sold at $89 starting from February for Windows Mobile, however, for Android; the application would be launched in the spring.

(via Windows Mobile PR )

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