Modern Warfare 2 DLC Packs to Come Out This Spring

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Modern Warfare 2 DLC Packs to Come Out This Spring

Exclusively for Xbox 360 with the exclusive multiple CLD packs, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will going to be available in this upcoming spring as revealed by Activision and Microsoft as expected by many people. It is to say, regarding of what CLD there are, they are all definitely hitting Xbox 360 first before going for all other platforms available for the game.

Regarding, it is still the first being officially announced of having multiple releases. Though very little is known about the what is actually in the DLC’s, but it is for sure that there are two packs of maps were made for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC version of the game. However, what is for sure is that the game will be moving itself out from the classic World War 2 to a different warfare plot, and more likely to be that of the modern warfare with different cast of new characters created for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2.

It is definitely moving this first person shooting military game to a whole new level. It is indeed has been predicted that regarding of which versions and platforms, Modern Warfare 2 would definitely going to be a hit in the gaming world in this upcoming spring.

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