Motorola Backflip officially launched

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AT&T has come up with some very good news this morning. It has introduced a new device namely Motorola Backflip. Motorola Backflip is a QWERTY device built with the latest technology. It is integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity and features a 5 megapixel camera and Android 1.5. Don’t get confused with a slider phone as it does not fall into that category. Its keyboard lies on the outer part and it flips outside.

It comes with a choice of skin colors and Sanjay Jha has already mentioned that the battery life needs to be improved and they are still working on it. This Android phone is in its inaugural stage and things like carrier and unique form factor cannot be confirmed as of now. Sanjay Jha has also announced the integration of Android 2.1 in all the Motorola devices including Cliq. Also Flash 2.1 will be included in the Droid. So you can really look forward to see the exciting changes in the upcoming models of Motorola.

Though, it is announced to be Android 2.1, the model is launched with Android 1.5 rather.

(via engadget )

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