MSI demoes 1080P Projector PC concept

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If you think MSI’s new projector concept  is just only a projector then you are wrong.  Demoing stated at CES that MSI is blend of the brilliancy of a projector with the flexibility of a PC. There is no doubt   regarding the statement

MSi’s demoes new 1080P Projector concept has PC incorporated within it. Not only that its cam has capacity to project uo cam project up to of 60 overvalued inches of HD video on to any white screen, wall. Even you can project at the ceiling if rotate this projector at right angle. For the purpose of rotation there is a hook-on stand which helps in rotating the equipment.

He also stated that the MSI Projector PC is a completely equipped PC, which has incorporated HD-valued projector that let its owner to project on any wall in their residence. As a substitute of television where you have to crowd around with family and friends or substitute of being clustered around a computer you can use  MSI Projector PC which easily projects up to 60 inches of full HD video.

MSI projector PC narrates the path where customers will intermingle with digital information in their residence.

(via slashgear)

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