MSI Wind Top and MSI Wind Box computers

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MSI released new versions of its Atom-based desktops that use Intel’s Pine Trail platform,the MSI Wind Top and MSI Wind Box computers.


First one the MSI Wind Top AP1920 all-in-one PC will include both the upgraded Pine Trail processor and a slimmed-down case design that will first be shown at CES 2010.  The MSI Wind Top AP1920 will span 18.5 inches by 1.4 inches deep, the thinnest all-in-one that MSI has released yet. The MSI Wind Top AP1920 all-in-one PC will come in versions with the new single-core or dual-core 1.66GHz Atom processors,which will provide both added speed and greater efficiency than its predecessor, the MSI Wind Top AP1900.


The second one, MSI Wind Box DE220 nettop is a monitor-ready desktop pc designed to have the surface area of a standard letter.  Like the MSI Wind Top AP1920, the new MSI Wind Box models will be available with either single or dual-core Pine Trail processors.

Shipping dates and pricing info have not yet been announced, but the new models will be shown at CES 2010 next month.

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