NBA Jam Set for an Arrival on the Wii Gaming Console this December

Posted by Stefan on April 13th, 2010 in Gaming | No Comments

NBA Jam was a heck of a video game when it all began back in 1993 but times have seriously evolved since then and the gamers now seek a different quality of gaming altogether. The Arcade gaming title is now set for a return and the game re-named the NBA Jam will be playable on the Wii gaming console this coming December. As per reports, the game will only be limited to the Nintendo gaming console initially and it will arrive this year ending with numerous upgrades.

Of course the customary two player action, those exaggerated dunks, and unrealistic full court swishes will all be there but the flavor will be added by some new features. All the players names will be upgraded to the current generation of NBA professionals and there will be new game modes that will be activated during gameplay.

This December, we will not have to guess where all the NBA freaks will vanish almost instantaneously! [via: Sportsuntapped]

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