NEC 3D all-in-one PC Offers a Bit Extra

Posted by Stefan on April 20th, 2010 in Computers | No Comments

There is absolutely no dearth of all-in-one PCs in the market and the count continues to swell despite the recent rise of the tablet form factor. The fact is that the all-in-one PCs score high on durability at all times (unlike these brittle tablets that need to be carefully handled) and the latest competitor in the market comes from NEC. NEC has tried to be different from the lot by offering a 3D all-in-one PC.

The catch is that you do not get a 3D screen but you will have to enjoy the 3D effect using some cheap pair of polarized glasses to view content on the otherwise normal LCD screen. NEC hasn’t detailed anything more than this while speculation is ripe that this offering may well arrive in the first half of 2010.

Using these cheap pair of glasses is a cumbersome task and therefore I’ll prefer a 2D variant unless an all-in-one with an integrated 3D screen arrives. [via: Impress PCWatch]

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