Netflix iPad App Leak has the Movie Freaks Excited

Posted by Stefan on April 1st, 2010 in Tablets | No Comments

The upcoming Apple iPad will not be short of video content with names likes Hulu, CBS and ABS ready to stream video content to the tablet through their respective applications. Another name joining the video content streaming brigade is Netflix as its iPad app got accidentally leaked to the web hounds. It is not known whether this screenshot is a genuine one but it was found on the Apple servers and hence we feel like trusting the speculation.

A Netflix app for the iPad would have been definitely on the cards but this early leak may have foiled plans for Netflix. Anyway, it is a business expansion opportunity for Netflix which offers video content to even the gaming consoles.

Interested iPad users will be required to subscribe to the Netflix service post which, they will be able to access TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix. The iPad is touted as a media friendly gadget and it will be rich with movie content from big players like Netflix, plus, even the iTunes segment will be thronged with movies. Hence, the iPad is an ideal thingamajig for the big time movie buffs. [Via: Nexus404]

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