New Buffalo MiniStation with Hardware Encryption

Posted by Stefan on September 10th, 2009 in Announcements, Portable Device | No Comments


Buffalo has introduced its new MiniStation IFA 2009, an external hard drive and laptop with a new look and new security features, such as the Hardware Encryption.

The Buffalo MiniStation comes as a hard disk, compact chassis coated with a rugged, ergonomic, capable of absorbing vibrations and shocks, with a polished finish available in white, black and red, the presence dell’avvolgicavo makes this device more orderly and practical.

In addition to its attractive design, the MiniStation has remarkable features, including those relating to safety, thanks to essempio AES 256-bit encryption, which prevents anyone did not have the password to access the data. Another useful feature is the Memeo AutoSync backup software to automatically synchronize the data on your PC or Mac every time the drive is connected, also during the USB connection, the hard disk is able to recharge.

The MiniStation is already on sale at Misco, Multimedia Planet, the 250 GB version costs € 89.90, the 320 GB version costs € 99.90, while the 500 GB costs € 129.90.

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