New Headphones released by JVC

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New Range of headphones has been released by JVC. The new HA-NC260 headphones can cut down the background noise by 90 percent with the help of a new embedded circuitry that continuously monitors the outside sound. Each earpiece has a 40mm neodymium driver, a housing structure to insulate the sound and ear pads with foam cushion to isolate the background noise.

The other accessories along with the headphones include a slim case, a cord, a dual plug adapter and a 1.5 volt battery for charging purpose. These headphones will be available in the market from March onwards at the cost of 200$.


The HA-EB75 headphones are featured with adjustable ear clips for active users which are splash proof and help in reproducing the bass and reducing friction-noise. These headphones will be available from February onwards in three colors namely, blue, black and silver at the cost of 13$.
The HA-FXC80 headphones feature an in-ear model having a Micro HD driver. The headphones are designed in a tri-form having a carbon housing and diaphragm to allow the user to wear them either below the ears or over the head. It is also accompanied by a carrying pouch and will be available by the end of this month at the cost of 60$.


The HA-FXP3 headphones have an animal-print pattern and have a neodymium driver to reproduce the bass and also has a plug painted in gold. These headphones focus more on fashion and will be available from February onwards at the cost of 20$.

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