Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition

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Nokia is a trusted name worldwide for delivering high-tech and innovative mobile phone technology. And that is basically what they are bringing with Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, which is launching in an effort to build up on the market success of the previous 5330 XpressMusic Phone. However, there are far more new and innovative features to look out for here and you can find out by reading further.


Right off the bat, Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition creates its distinction over equally high-tech mobile phone models in the market due to its mobile TV functionality. In addition to that, it also features integration with some of the biggest social networking sites today, like YouTube, Myspace, or Facebook. Both Nokia and Nokia Siemen collaborated in delivering an all new mobile TV network that is now available in various countries like Finland, Australia, India, Switzerland, Netherlands, Philippines, Italy, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, among other countries. But that is just at the external core of this device since there are more features here if you cared to explore.

To make your mobile TV viewing experience more efficient, Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition has also been equipped with an Electronic Program Guide or EPG. This is quite an ingenious feature that enables you to view scheduled programming in various channels, unlike most TV guides you find these days that only lists down scheduled programming for the next hour or so. Thus, it enhances the entertainment value that one can avail of.


In comparison, Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition feature the same specifications with the 5330 XoressMusic Phone, which includes an audio/video player capability, 3.2 megapixel camera, and an impressive QVGA resolution display for convenient viewing. This new mobile phone model is able to compete with the DVB-H mobile TV system but customers get to make even bigger savings with the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition at a lower price. Hence, you get to enjoy the same features without the staggering price tag. Don’t be fooled by the size and compact design of this device, since it is capable of delivering topnotch sound and video quality.


To learn more about the advantages of using the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, they are listed below:

* The QVGA display screen lets you enjoy quality programming with clear and sharp image quality.
* If you want to enjoy private viewing, you can use the 3.5mm headphone attached with the bundle. Or, you can switch on the loudspeaker to share video and audio with everybody else.
* Surfing through channels can be done in a single click.
* The use of headset also serves as a mobile antenna to ensure top quality signals for maximum viewing pleasure.


This mobile phone model surely isn’t without a flaw. Here are some slight drawbacks to the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition:

* There are some limitations to using the device in an area where is low signal, such that the quality of the mobile TV tend to be spotty and unclear.
* There are a few issues with using this device overseas due to the lack of international coverage.

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