Nokia 6750 Now Available at Rogers Wireless

Posted by Stefan on November 27th, 2009 in Cell Phones | No Comments


If you are waiting for the cool and sleek NOKIA 6750 GAINS ROGERS WIRELESS, then here is good news for you. Nokia and Rogers have announced the launching of it soon. This model is in demand from now on mainly because of its various interesting and vibrant features which it has to offer you. If we talk about its looks, then you will find in it a slim stylish body, hidden display and a bright external screen. The feel of touching this model is unique in itself.

Rogers Wireless Nokia 6750 Mural is capable of running Series 40 6th Edition. Along with it, this Nokia 6750 Mural also offer Quad-Band EDGE and Tri-Band HSPA connectivity. So there is nothing which you will not find in it. Its pricing is also quite competitive. So have a good look at this latest tech gadget.

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