Nokia N8 Mobile review

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Nokia N8 Mobile review

Nokia N8 mobile operates with symbian 3 operating system and provides improved user experience when compared to earlier models. The video and camera quality is excellent with N8 and has very good hardware with 3G support and turn-by-turn navigation. The phone is quite expensive and sometimes the performance is sluggish. The phone does not have user-replaceable battery and virtual QWERTY keyboard could be accessed only under Landscape mode. The symbian OS is very familiar in other regions of world, but it is not popular in US as it lacks in competition of functionality and Usability. The Symbian 3 has been designed to solve this issues and Nokia N8 is 1st smart phone that operates using this enhanced version.

It has got plenty of improvements especially with multimedia entertainment and also enhanced touch interface. It is one of the best camera phones available till now with great battery life and call quality. But it still lacks in other fronts such as navigation, integrated services and ease of use. Also, the unlocked N8 costs around $549 which is a good price for offer with Christmas mobile phone deals at and will be attractive for many users. Though symbian fans might prefer Nokia N8, lot of customers would like iPhone or Android smart phone.

Nokia has produced very good hardware and excellent phones for many years and Nokia N8 is not an exception. The N8 has high-quality metallic construction and crystal-clear glass display. The phone measures 4.47×2.32×0.51 inches and weighs approximately 2.91 ounces. The phone is of decent size for better display and is also compact making it easy to hold in your hands and carry it in pockets. Overall the solid construction gives the phone a very good appearance. The phone has AMOLED capacitive touch screen measuring 3.5 inches diagonally and has native resolution of 640×360 pixels with more than 16.7 million colors support. The display is very clear and bright and has vibrant colors but is not very sharp when compared to other Android smart phones like Samsung galaxy series or HTC Evo. The images and text are not as smooth as found in other smart phones.
The display provides pinch-to-zoom feature and also in-built accelerometer to change screen modes when rotating the phone, but they are not very responsive and inconsistent sometimes. Also the capacitive touch screen has some inconsistent performance and does not respond quickly in some cases. The home screen design is not attractive when compared to Android devices. The onscreen keyboard is available in landscape and portrait mode, but QWERTY keyboard is available only with landscape mode. The lone key that opens the home screen or main menu is available below display. The lock switch, camera control and volume rocker is present on right spine of the phone.

On top of phone is 3.5mm headset jack, HDMI port and power button. The micro USB ports, microSD card and SIM card slots are present on left spine. The camera boasts an amazing 12-megapixel camera with xenon flash which delivers amazing photo and video quality. The battery is acceptable but it cannot be replaced with another batter in case of problems. Overall Nokia N8 is good camera phone with revamped user interface but still there are certain short comings and it is very expensive compared to other devices.

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