Nokia SUPREME Is World’s Most Unique & Expensive Nokia Ever

Posted by Stefan on January 10th, 2010 in Cell Phones | No Comments


The company, Stuart Hughes, which is behind all the amazing high tech mobile devices and game consoles of 2009, is revealing another eye dropping device. Among the PS3 Supreme that made from solid gold, the Wii from Nintendo that made with solid gold and the 3G iPhone, now added in the collection of this company based in Liverpool is the most expensive and unique handset ever made for Nokia.

That is also known as the Nokia Supreme. Indeed it is eye dropping even as being part of the Stuart Hughes collection of high end devices; Nokia Supreme is not made from what commonly known from Stuart Hughes products, the solid gold, but handmade platinum veneers covering the handset. Not only the covering plate, but also the buttons and screws are also platinum. Further, Nokia Supreme is built encrusting with the pink diamonds of 12.5 cts. Included in the design are the 1225 gems sparkling in their own individual set. Of all the gems, what cannot be missed of Nokia Supreme is the single flawlessly cut diamond of 3 cts. With all these amazing materials used, it definitely comes with a price, and price that could be expected.

The price tag by Stuart Hughes is to be expected on £99,995. Not only so, the Nokia Supreme handset will only be limited to 3 units worldwide.


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