Olympus FE 4020 Camera Review

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Olympus FE 4020: Super Camera for the Entry Level Users

One of the things about Olympus FE 4020 is the 14 mega pixel resolution. For the price it fetches, the 14 MP FE 4020 carries is quite a bargain. To help you keep the focus, the camera offers the AF Tracking technology so that quick-moving, volatile subjects like pets or children can be captured perfectly.

This is further supported by the Advance Face Detection that will ensure that people faces, up to 16 in a group shot, are going to be a priority against that of the background.

The zooming options in the Olympus FE 4020 is also a plus as it enables you to capture more without moving backward or forward too much to be able to capture everybody, especially when you are taking group shots at gatherings, reunions or weddings. The versatile lens of the Olympus FE 4020 is already quite wide and it zooms up to 4x (26mm).

For those who like to tweak and play with their resulting images, Olympus FE 2040 is especially attractive due to its internal Creative Filters. This feature, called the Magic Filters, allows users to costumize and give your photos a unique, artistic look by using 1 of the 4 different available effects, including Drawing, Pinhole, Pop Art and Fisheye.

The Olympus FE 4020 is especially ideal for entry level users because it has a built in Enhanced Help Guides to help you learn digital photography. Descriptions are provided briefly in the Menu and Scene Guides while the LCD features the more advanced technique, like the setting of white balance using Program Auto or ISO adjustment.

Furthermore, Exposure Compensation allows users to play around with different effects of exposure in real time, comparing each one of them on a multi-frame window. This way, you know which setting to use at any given situation.

Both Program Auto and Exposure Compensation offered by the Olympus FE 4020 are extremely useful tools for beginners in digital photography in order to produce better quality images. These programs also help the learning process all camera users go through, as they try different photography techniques. Menus are further made to be helpful by availing more than 35 different language for the convenience of users.

Aside from that, just like all the FE series, the Olympus FE 4020 comes with the OLYMPUS [ib] software. The software [ib] which stands for image brightening, image browsing and image bridging, offer the functions of photography workflow, editing, browsing and unique photo-organizing, ones which can be based on face recognition and geolocation, among others.

The Olympus FE 4020 also support video recording, to be filed as AVI which enable users to share memorable moments easily through the Internet. There is no need to worry about overloading the memory of your camera as the camera offers 32 gigabytes capacity of SD storage.

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  1. France says

    August 10, 2011

    I bought this camera thinking it was cute and a good price for the 14mp. When I got the camera, the screen had a black mark on it that covered up the picture when I tried to review it. The black mark continued to expand essentially covering up the view of the pictures.