Otech F1 Handset review – 4 SIM Cards

Posted by Stefan on October 23rd, 2010 in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Dual Sim cards have been very popular. You can even get triple sim card. However, Otech F1, the new mobile set can hold 4 SIM card at a time.

If you look at the layout of the PCB you will realize that the SIM card holders are strategically placed on the PCB that makes it possible. Two of the SIM holders are placed horizontally while the other two are placed vertically.

Many readers have ridiculed the practicality of the four SIM cards in one design. The multi SIM card is usually intended for the business travelers who need to use different SIM cards when they need to travel in different countries. However, this can easily be achieved using the prepaid SIM cards. As one reader points out

“Looks like 4 sim card phone is intended for people who travel between different countries a lot. All all you do is buy a prepaid sim so that you don’t pay roaming charges. sounds like it should save you money to me unless i’m missing something.”

Your thoughts on the Otech F1 ?

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  1. manikandan s says

    March 17, 2011

    4 sims in one hand set is really super.

    What is the cost of this set & How to place order for this..

    Pls reply


    Kerala, India.