Panasonic TC-P42GT25 3D Television review

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Panasonic TC-PVT25 series was the 1st 3D Television series from Panasonic and it has excellent 2D picture quality which is definitely worthy purchase though it is quite expensive. The Panasonic TC-P42GT25 comes in range of Plasma and 3D TVs and will be appealing for plasma fans. It has excellent black-level performance, very good primary colors when operating in THX mode, excellent color saturation, has 2D to 3D conversion feature, consumes less power when compared to earlier 1080p plasma TVs and has VieraCast feature which offers access to specific internet media services with enhanced customization options.

The Panasonic TC-P42GT25 3D 42 inch version has panel depth of 3.5 inches and includes a swivel stand for ergonomic support, plus you can connect the tv on a pc to watch movies online from Back to the review, the bottom of frame has bronze and chrome colored accents and very good remote control menus. The backlighting and well-distinguished layout is appreciable. The onscreen explanations for remote control menus are very good and you can easily adjust the settings. Though the menu system is very basic when compared to present standards, the settings can be adjusted as per your needs. The refresh rate is 60Hz and it does not have dejudder for smooth processing. Though the TV offers simulated 3D processing for 2D to 3D conversion, it does have the pair of 3D glasses worth $150 which is available with TC-PVT20 series. Some people will definitely love this option to add 3D effects for any 2D source including streaming videos from Amazon, Youtube and Netflix.

Apart from 3D conversion option, this TV lacks the compatibility for 1080p resolution at 24 frames per second which are very good with LG and Samsung. Video quality is very good with Netflix using vieracast and has complete picture control options. The Vieracast has been enhanced with additional widgets for news, Skype for which you need USB keyboards and speakerphone accessory, Twitter, Fox Sports, Picasa photo viewer etc. You can also customize the home page as per your requirements.

There are five adjustable picture modes, five color temperature presets and five HD aspect ratio modes in this TV. You can also adjust blur reduction settings which impact the motion resolution to product clear picture but TV lacks dejudder for further smooth processing. The TV has an energy saver mode for reducing power consumption. It has three HDMI inputs which include 1 in side and 2 at the back, 1 PC input in VGA style, 2 USB ports and one slot of SD cards, an Ethernet port and digital audio output port. The 2D picture quality is very good at high frequency but it is not clear when using at 24 frames per second. But overall, the television has other features including online video streaming, widgets and 2d to 3d conversion which makes it a worthy product for its cost.

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