Parrot RKi8400 Car Stereo Makes

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The famous brand of Parrot accessories made for the U.S. market the Parrot RKi8400, a device for car stereo FM / AM RDS includes multiple connections for the iPhone and iPod. This device has been designed with a storage compartment behind the front panel and is perfect for protecting and reload any of the Apple terminal.

The connections of the official licensed RKi8400 Apple and the device itself works with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing users to listen to music stored on your iPhone or iPod or placing calls, all with a very good digital sound that works with dual microphones.

The Parrot RKi8400 already has a large color screen that lets you see the albums that are on the iPhone and browse them easily. When the phone rings, the system automatically connects the speakerphone and when the call is cut off, turn it off. It also includes a USB port for an external hard drive or a USB key, SD card reader and a double plug for analog inputs, plus a 200-watt amplifier.

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