Payments via Piece of Cake

Posted by Stefan on November 29th, 2009 in Gadget | No Comments


A round portable electronic device that can be readily placed atop the tables of the restaurant or other coffee shop outlets to check in the credit cards can simply be termed as the piece of cake. A necessary machine that keeps on the billing records and accepts credit card share payments is what this cute little cut cake is all about.

Necessary cut slots are present in the device concept that slides and punches the credit cards and check up to eight people’s share. The piece of cake concept has a touch friendly interface that amazes anyone paying his dinner bills. The design bears provision of the payment of sum total or a partial amount on a share basis for the ordered items is the best feature that makes this electronic gadget a unique one at the restaurants.

Not known when the concept will hit the town yet it is expected that the unique concept would indeed be a valuable one in a near tomorrow.



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