People of Lava to Introduce Scandinavia, the World’s First Android HDTV

Posted by Stefan on April 6th, 2010 in High Definition | No Comments

We’ve been reading a lot off late about Android Tablets and Android Smartphones but an Android HDTV sounds a real novelty. Dubbed the Scandinavia, and manufactured by People of Lava from Sweden, this HDTV you see atop will be the first internet-connected, Android-based TV set, in the simplest of terms. The HDTV which will be sold later this year and it will come with a 42-inch panel, a 1080p native resolution and internet connectivity as mentioned above.

Interestingly, this HDTV will be the first Television set made in Sweden for a long long time. The beta version of the Scandinavia will start testing later this summer and other than the 42-inch option, People of Lava will also ship 47 and 55-inch variants.

Scandinavia will be of great entertainment value for net savvy users who adore video streaming websites like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. The TV will come pre-laden with a browser, Google Maps, and some Twitter and Facebook related applications.

Though the market ready model is yet to arrive, the estimated cost for the Scandinavia HDTV will be something between $2,500 and $3,400. [via: Engadget]

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