Polaroid DVF-720RC Camcorder Review

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Polaroid DVF-720RC is a 5MP Hi-Definition Digital Camcorder that has a decent 2.4-Inch LCD Display. Target is selling it for $89 according to its website.

Polaroid DVF720 Features

With Polaroid DVF-720RC you can capture your stunts, memories, or the soccer games. The 2.4-inch, LCD screen can be used as a viewfinder to look at the video while shooting it.

The Polaroid DVF720 does not has optical zoom. Its only zoom is the 3x digital zoom which will degrade the quality of the video a bit. The Polaroid DVF720 records all the video in the built in memory, however, the built in memory is too small at 25 MB. The inbuilt memory can be expanded using an external SD/SDHC Memory card.

You may like to have an integrated USB stick that you can use to download the recorded video to PC.
The picture is recorded using in high definition at 720p resolution. The quality of the picture is clear.

Expand the memory by inserting an SD/SDHC card into the camcorder. The DVF720 delivers crystal-clear high definition (720p or 1280 x 720 to be exact) video with audio. The video will have a frame rate of 60 fps which is pretty good, giving you the blur free video.

The Polaroid DVF-720RC package includes Batteries, USB Cable, Editing Software in addition to Software, Quick Start Guide and a Wrist Strap.

Here are some of the quick pros and cons

Polaroid DVF-720RC – the good

– It starts up fast. You are up and running in no time.
– Its built in usb connector, is highy appreciated.
– The cahrging is from from universal usb connector or wall outlet
– HD resolution.

Noe the list of the bad points are large.
Polaroid DVF-720RC – the bad

– The performance in the indoor is not so good.
– It has confusing butting as users have reported – you have to press REC to play backvids.
– Does not has a screw to place it on tripod.
– The zoom is not good. Probably the lack of space.
– microphone and audio recording could be better.

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