Popular Korean RTS Game Starcraft Professionals Accused of Gambling

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There isn’t a single professional sport in the world which is not marred by the gambling accusations. Starcraft is one South Korean game that is popular to the levels where people go to the extent of considering it as a national sport. The RTS game has been around for 12 years now and professionals like sAviOr and EffOrt have become superstars in Korea because of this very video-game.

With professional Starcraft players gaining super-stardom in the country and the game being treated as a national sport, it was obvious that the gamblers will seek their opportunities to make more money.

Yes you read it right, a TV game that has national fan following is also marred by the gambling accusations and these two players I mentioned above are being accused of loosing games to make more money along with a number of other pros.

What is more is the game organizers are also being accused of betting. It is reported that these franchisers initially tired to fend away the gamblers but when they couldn’t do anything about it, even they decided to make some additional money from these gambling parties.

The practice has been around since 2006 but wasn’t disclosed until now. Such kind of incidents can dent the very repute of the sport and we will not at all be surprised if the Korean Starcraft phenomenon turns obsolete. [via: Nexus404]

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