ProScan 37LB30QD HDTV with DVD

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Planning to buy a new entertainment unit for the family? Then there is no other choice, get ready and grab the family to enjoy a gathering around the all new Proscan 37LB30QD 37″ HDTV with DVD Combo Player. Get ready to relax and enjoy your favorite DVD’s by just popping it into its built-in player which is DVD ready. With an amazing 720p resolution, the whole family would surely enjoy its high-definition picture that features loads and loads of many and advanced features that would fit easily in your budget. Before purchasing it is very advisable to Contact your local satellite provider or cable TV provider on how to avail and upgrade the HD service. This is a must to be able to take full use and full advantage and maximize the potential of the all new Proscan 37LB30QD HDTV 37″ LCD.

The all new Proscan 37LB30QD HDTV 37″ DVD Combo Player offers a LCD panel 16:9 which comes with HDTV 1366 x 768 resolution and a contrast ratio of 1,200:1. And with its wide viewing angles which are 176 degrees, allows viewers are able to see a clear picture wherever you are located in the room while watching.

The Proscan 37LB30QD HDTV 37″ DVD combo’s DVD player which is built-in can play plenty media like DVD’s, SVCD’s, VCD’s and CD’s, it can even play MP4’s and JPEG’s which are written on CD’s or DVD’s. It offers and gives brighter light colors, deeper dark colors and even bolder colors because of its contrast ratio which is 1,200:1. And because this HDTV offers cd/m2 500 brightness, it allows viewers to position and place the Proscan 37LB30QD HDTV 37″ DVD Combo Player even near sources of light like windows or doors without even affecting image quality on the screen. It has even a digital tuner which is built-in that lets viewer’s watch digital programming over-the-air right out of any box without using an external tuner. It offers lifelike, fluid, and fast motion because of its 5ms response time. Users can get the best quality out of HD components with the 2 HDMI inputs, this technology of one-cable lossless cable of audio/video solution makes outputs always crisp and clear.

And because of its “Just right size”, which is not too big or not too small, it is advisable for any size room in the house. It measures diagonally from one corner to another corner of the screen at 37.02″. And with Proscan best aftermarket support this is the best LCD TV to consider.

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