Razer breaks out of the PC gaming scene with pair of Xbox 350 peripherals

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For all of the long waited Razer fans who areon Xbox, the wait could finally come close to an end as Razer finally going to attach itself to the professional peripheral in Xbox 360. Apparently the approval from Microsoft had been confirmed, and Razer going to call itself Onza for its Xbox 360 controller and Chimaera for its Xbox 360 headset. It indeed nonetheless the same design as you would find tailored in their PC gaming products for mouse, keyboard, sound system and so on.

With the amazing Razer designs, the controllers would come with a cord rather than batteries to not just reduce its latency, but a guaranteed lag free. With the tension in the analog controller sticks to be adjustable and the multi-function programmable buttons, it provides the amazing gaming experiences as many would experiences using the Razer PC gaming products.

It is the controllers best fit for any sort of people of any gaming experiences. Whereas the professional headset, Chimaera, would provide a pinpointed sound position for an amazing sound quality as one would experience live. With an expected price tag of $50 for the controller and $130 for the headset, it would give the gaming experiences anyone would wish for.

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